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YG.labo x BASS BRIGADE Witch Lana 3.5 - BRGD BLACK


YG.laboの止めて動かすフローティングワーム「Witch Lana 3.5」を特別にBRGD BLACKで作成したBASS BRIGADE別注モデル。

昨年リリースし完売したBRGD PONDカラーをアップデート。カラーを変更し、新たにBRGDロゴをレイアウトしたWitch Lana 3.5様々なフィールドでご使用いただけます。







BASS BRIGADE custom model of YG.labo’s floating worm Witch Lana 3.5 features BRGD BLACK.

An updated version of the sold-out BRGD POND colorway from last year. Versatile to be used in all types of fields with its renewed colorway and BRGD LOGO design.

Hybrid design for enhanced stability during pausing, utilizing regular material at the bottom and floating material at the upper.

The Witch Lana is capable of single action & stay on the surface of the water!

The joint functions as a brake while wriggling at a glance.

Highly responsive, reacts to anglers’ control expeditiously whether to shake the head or to stop - a key point during bass fishing.
This worm also corresponds to reeling at the subsurface, making a close approach by performing offset hook hobust actions with adjustment of nail sinkers, etc.

The tail quivers during reeling, but the joint part also wriggles which functions as the brake during high-speed winding by using a heavy nail sinker or weighted hook.

Size: 3.5 inch
Type: Floating
Weight: 3.5g
Quantity per package: 6

※ パッケージ裏面にある使用上の注意をよく読みご使用ください。

※ ご使用のモニターにより実際の商品の色と多少異なる場合がございます。